Industrial Oils


CRUZE LUBRICANTS gives industrial customers overseas more choices of high quality lubricants. Our distribution network provides high performance industrial oils and greases to manufacturers in the fast-growing markets of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America.

Our distributors’ sales people are mechanical engineers who can help you select the most suitable lubricants that are optimized for your machinery and equipment.

CRUZE LUBRICANTS industrial oils reduce friction, minimize wear and corrosion, and carry the loads needed to keep machinery operating at peak efficiency:

Hydraulic oilsPAG Synthetic Biodegradable, Supreme anti-wear R & O Multigrade,                       

Premium anti-wear R & O, Anti-wear , general purpose non-zinc R & O Hos

Industrial Gear oils – PAG &PAO Synthetic Extreme pressure industrial, Extreme pressure industrial, industrial GOs

Compressor oilsEster Synthetic Reciprocating Air Compressor oils, PAO Synthetic Rotary Air Compressor oils, Synthetic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor oils, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Compressor oils,  Air Compressor oils

Turbine oils  Premium Turbine oils, Turbine oils

Transformer and electrical insulating oils  – Transformer oil Type II, Transformer oil Type I

Circulating oils

Heat transfer oils

Rubber processing oils

Textile oils

Spindle oils

White oils

Rock drill oils

Open gear & Wire rope lubricants

Bar & Chain Oils

Slide way lubricants

Paper Machine Oils