As far as production is concerned, greases are much more complex than oils. Manufacturing greases is not simply a case of mixing the individual components together, but requires a rather complex production process involving chemical reactions produced by the different components.

Choosing the correct product is highly complex and is best taken with the help of expert technical advice, since there are many factors that can influence the way products function and effect machinery lubricated with grease.
CRUZE LUBRICANTS is one of the main producers of greases and has a wide range of products that can satisfy the needs of both the industrial and automotive sectors as follow:

  • Lithium Grease
  • Lithium with extreme pressure additive Grease
  • Lithium Complex Grease
  • Lithium Complex with extreme pressure additive Grease
  • Lithium Complex with extreme pressure additives fortified with graphite- Molybdenum disulfide Grease
  • Environmental Grease, biodegradable , Non-Toxic and free of heavy metal
  • Wire rope environmental Grease
  • Calcium sulfonate Complex with solid lubricants Grease
  • Sprayable Aluminum Complex Grease
  • Polyurea Greas
  • Plug valve Grease