Automotive oils


CRUZE LUBRICANTS offers a full range of high quality automotive oils, using licensed formulations for all automotive products to provide superior performance characteristics.

we are committed to providing our customers Advanced Technology Automotive oils that are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of automotive manufacturers and specific performance standards.

Product Description:

Passenger&Light Commercial Cars

0W20 API SN – Full Synthetic

5W20 API SN – Full Synthetic

5W30 API SN – Full Synthetic

10W30 API SN – Full Synthetic

5W40 API SN – Full Synthetic

5W50 API SN – Full Synthetic

20W50 API SL  Conventional

Heavy Duty Diesel

10W-30 CJ4/SN Synthetic Blend

10W-40 CJ4/SN Synthetic Blend

15W-40 CJ4/SN Synthetic Blend

15W-40 CI4/SL Conventional

20W50 CH4 Conventional

Automatic Transmission Fluid

MP ATF Multipurpose ATF

Premium Universal Tractor Fluid

Universal Tractor Fluid UTF