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Our Markets

We sell our Advanced Lubricants to more than 85 Agent , Distributor or Dealer all over the world, our Advanced Technology industrial lubricants, and technical service that supplied by our Network to customers in fast-growing emerging markets including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America .

At CRUZE Lubricants, we continually look for opportunities to strengthen business relationships with our valued customers.



CRUZE LUBRICANTS was founded with a philosophy to offer consistently high quality services on the right time.
We have a full technical lab on site, enabling us to
produce lubricants that help optimize engine
performance and reduce operating costs.



Our products meet API, ACEA, JASO, and MB , MAN , VOLVO and most OEM requirements. We routinely invest more than 7% of revenues in research, design, development & testing to assure the quality of our products. Our innovative, efficient process technologies and low margins provide top quality at economical prices.



CRUZE LUBRICANTS decades of petroleum industry
experience enable us to help you find the right
lubrication solution to help your machinery and
business operate more efficiently. We can recommend the right product for your application. custom formulation tailored to your requirements.

Lubricants on average comprise a very low percentage of a maintenance budget, however the use of high quality can have an overwhelming impact on maintenance costs. In fact it could be stated that there is no other single item, which has more of an effect on the entire maintenance budget. Lubricants comprise only 3% of an industrial manufacturing company’s maintenance budget, yet over 20% of that same budget is spent in replacing worn parts! That is why it pays to use the very best lubricants available: CRUZE LUBRICANTS.

Our Mission is:

Support our clients the right product, On the Right time, By the Right quality, At the Right cost to achieve the optimum profit for all the stakeholders.

Our Vision is:

Provide the world’s machines with the advanced technology Lubricants.

1- We foster relationships with our customer based on trust and mutual benefit.

2- Clarity and simplicity, not vagueness and hiding.

3- Striving to achieve maximum results with minimum resources.

4- We are focused on speed to market. We relentlessly priorities and pursue the outcomes that matter to our business.